Well if it isn't our old friend Magnus...

The Black Market is a location filled with interesting characters, some of which came from elsewhere outside of the comic. This makes sense, due to how we know the Market works. Some of these characters belong to Modmad, some belong to prominent fandom members or fan-characters, and some are OCs inserted as a thank-you for a Patreon subscription.

Here are some of the known characters, their creators, as well as some information on them.

Characters by Modmad Edit


A concept doodle of ɹnoℲ

ɹnoℲ Edit

ɹnoℲ is a character designed by Mod originally for a game concept called "Nursery", inspired by the likes of "ib" and "OFF". The game would be about the titular nursery which fell down a rift into Hell, whereby the toys became possessed but remember their lives as toys, and simply wish to go home.[1]

ɹnoℲ is a cryptic rocking horse with 4 different personalities, each of which gives different advice to the player.[2] To move, they typically roll backwards, but may roll forwards at the risk of stabbing someone with their ears.[3]

They cameo on the bottom of page 198, in Chapter 11.


The world will remember them

Pitch Edit

Of the many cameos of characters not native to the comic, Pitch is unique in the nature of his appearance there. He is the character used as the example of what happens when a resident runs out of inspiration, and fades away into memory.[4]

Pitch was originally intended to be the second main character of a short film of the same name,[5] revolving around an artist and his creation[6][7]. He was originally designed to be all black, in the style of Mickey Mouse or Oswald the Rabbit, but as the design changed he kept the basic minimalism.[8]

Mod has stated he was used for an example because he truly was a character who had run out of inspiration, and she had let go of because of life and in order to keep working on other things.[9]

Pitch appeared on pages 207-209.


"Mod what the crapf*** is that" -anonymous tumblr user

Rabbitfoot Edit

Rabbitfoot first appeared on Mod's tumblr, along with an apology. We know very little about her, other than that the creepiness of the end result was not originally intended, and one must never follow this white rabbit.[10]

She cameos on page 194, in Chapter 11.

Characters by other creators Edit

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.59.32 PM

Romi Edit

Romi is a lightbulb object-head created by tumblr user doorstoplord.[11] The bulb filament can change to show facial expressions.[12] She is from Brooklyn, insofar as object heads can be.[13]

She cameos on pages 194 and 195.


Magnus Edit

Magnus is a prism object-head created by tumblr user 0chromat,[14] as a witchsona for himself, who eventually became a character in his own right.[15] After this character was first created, many fans began to ship him with RGB, nicknaming the relationship "Light Entertainment". This culminated in an art exchange between Modmad[16] and 0chromat[17] exploring the two's history, which was eventually greenlighted as canon.[18]

Magnus appears on the bottom of page 207, in Chapter 11.

Viktor Kovalik Edit

Viktor Kovalik

Viktor is an emotions surgeon, and creation of tumblr user potentialforart.[1]

He appears in the middle of page 268, in Chapter 14.

Characters from other stories Edit

References Edit


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