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After being kicked out of the market, the hero and RGB make their way back through the forest under the ocean... or that was the plan. The trees are completely missing for some reason, though RGB hints that "nothing" has happened to them. They run for their lives from the approaching ocean, and RGB calls his cane to him from the market. After some running, the ocean stops in its tracks. Crossing the sands of regret is difficult, as they erode the memories of whatever they touch, that being the reason for the choice of wooden footwear.

RGB asks about the hero's missing fingers, but is interrupted when a train starts chasing them. RGB hasn't the faintest clue why. Despite their efforts, they are captured by the train, and Dial is frustrated that the picture has cut out again. He alludes to something called "The Well" but gives no real information.

Now in the train, RGB tells the hero to rest while he finds a way out. He climbs up on top of the train, takes stock of the train itself, and enters the next cart, to find himself back in the one he started in. Before any comment can be made, everything goes... horribly wrong. A human sitting at a desk is being yelled at to wake up before his boss catches him. Chapter 18: no wait its too soon for this part may or may not start hear, as the jump too box says it is still part of Chiaroscuro.

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