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"Well well well, what have we here? A monster on the loose? My my my, we can't have that."
Click is an antagonist first introduced in Chapter 11 of The Property of Hate, on page 193. He is an agent of Hate, sent to the Black Market to retrieve and/or kill RGB, and possibly retrieve Hero. It is interesting to note that he fires bullets made of _______, a sort of "anti-stuff".[1]

Personality Edit

Little is known about Click's personality at this time, though he has been described as a "real hotshot"[2] by Dial, and "an ass"[3] by Modmad. He also appears to have the habit of repeating words three times for emphasis,[4] and generally seems to have a flair for the dramatic, and does not directly attack RGB or Hero without some sort of speech or act of intimidation following it. The time he does shoot RGB without question, it is not fatally, and he then resumes his act while his target is incapacitated.

Appearance Edit

Click takes the form of a wind-up tin soldier with a blank, smiling face, the head of which can serve as a kind of cannon. His arms can be reworked into multiple configurations, the two most notable being "arm" and "gun" and can also extend an alarming degree, allowing Click to "walk" at a very great height.[5] His hands, when not in use, rest on his shoulders and function as epaulets.[6] The front of his uniform disguises three mouths, all of which sometimes speak at once.[7] The sets of gold buttons alongside these mouths are also, in fact, his true eyes.[8][9] As a wind-up toy, he emits a clicking noise from the turning of his key.

Click's speech bubble is rectangular, pale blue, and may have up to three tails depending on how many mouths are speaking. Additionally, extra pale blue lines may surround this box. His voice is stated to sound sharp and tinny.[10]

Story Edit

We know little of Click's backstory, other than at a time prior to the beginning of the comic, RGB has, in some manner, "...Murdered 'Me'".[11] Given the nature of their world, it is difficult to tell the exact meaning of this statement, although he does appear to wish revenge on RGB for it. Recent pages have implied Click may have been a former Hero attempt.[12]

Click's dialogue

Click's speech, including 3 tails and extra lines

Trivia Edit

  • Click's uniform is actually subtly different in design in Chapter 13 than in his introduction in Chapter 11, featuring two differently colored hats and a slightly different jacket design. This was not intentional.[13]
  • The first in-comic mention of his name was by Dial on page 246[14], but was actually first named in the next update following his first appearance[15] in the tumblr tags of Modmad.
  • There may have been a post on Mod's blog somewhere stating that Click was once made of musical instruments, but this design was instead given to Melody and replaced with a design more fitting of a tin soldier. This editor cannot currently find the post, but is 98% sure that it exists and would be grateful to whomever can find it.
  • Although age is a confusing topic within the comic, Click has been stated to be 25 years old.[16]

References Edit


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