"Do you dream?"
"Then we'll be fine"
Dreams, in our world, are the wanderings and strange imagery produced by a sleepy mind. In The World of Make Believe, they are the purest form of Stuff (which is to say, Thought[1]), and are, naturally, considered highly valuable due to their composition and difficulty to obtain.[2] Both Dreams and Nightmares are composed of the same material, and formed in the same way, but have different effects when used.

Locations Edit

The only naturally-occurring instances of dreams seen in-comic either have been produced by living creatures, such as Hero[3] and various Trees, or seen crystallized at the far end of The Sea of Limen.[2] Dreams and Nightmares can also be found in The House of Paint,[4] as one of the major commodities sold by Madras.

Uses Edit

Dreams have been seen to be used as a healing power, specifically, repairing Hero's Schism[5] whenever she rests. Nightmares, on the other hand, seem to have been weaponized against hostile creatures such as Fears, vaporizing them on contact[6], though they seem to have a much less powerful and much more normal[7][8] effect on Hero.

An unusual interaction Edit

RGB has a unique and bizarre reaction to any dreams capable of affecting him. Instead of the usual restorative imaginative dreams had by Hero, he experiences black-and-white imagery of his own death via classic film stunts,[9] and once by an iron. These would normally be considered nightmares, but he remains unfazed by most of them,[10] with the exception of the iron.[11] It is interesting to note that the iron dream is also the only one that is in color.[12] He does not know why this happens to him, and simply prefers to avoid contact whenever he can instead.[13]

References Edit

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