The as-yet unseen assumed antagonist of the story, thus far referred to as "She/Her", and only in passing. RGB's puns about Time and additional speculation about the comic's title, however, could be evidence that "Hate" is indeed the name of this entity.[1]

She appears to be the author and ruler of the world, having the ability to edit out characters[2] who She appears to have created in the first place.[3][4] It is for this reason that many fans have speculated that Hate is actually Sarah Jolley, but this has been firmly debunked.[5][6] She does not appear to have complete control of characters, however, as they have the capacity to refuse Her bidding, though not without disastrous[7][8][9] results.

She seems to work closely with Time,[1][10] and Dial appears to be one of Her agents.[11] It's also been speculated that She may have been the voice that broke the Sun's heart during RGB's story in Chapter 10.

Theories Edit

For non-canon theories and analysis, see Hate/Dreaming

References Edit

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