The Property of Hate is filled with more puns and references than you can shake a cane at. Here, we have an attempt at compiling the known ones!

General Edit

Chapter 1: The Hook Edit

  • RGB's outfit here is influenced by the animation "Yellow Submarine"[1]
  • On page 2, RGB uses the phrase "spit-spot", the same term having been used by Mary Poppins.
  • Pages 5 and 6 have our protagonists climbing a smokestack stairway up into the clouds. Hero mentions she "saw this in a movie once". This visual is another shout-out to Mary Poppins.
  • In pages 8-10, the symbols above the doorways are alchemical symbols.
  • On page 11, Hero stands on a yellow road. A likely Wizard of Oz reference.

Chapter 2: Rushes Edit

  • Page 28 shows a very literal example of nearly being "rooted by fear".

Chapter 3: Soft Focus Edit

  • One page 40, RGB identified the place where he and Hero rested in The Hook/Rushes to be called "The Pool of Tears", which is the same name as a location in Alice in Wonderland.
  • The text on the books in pages 50-58 is from The Wizard of Oz (it is however, Mod's desire to remove the text at some point)

Chapter 4: Diegesis Edit

  • The cartoon Hero watches in pages 70-71 is Danger Mouse[2]
  • RGB's nightmare of a film shoot gone wrong, particularly page 74, is based off of a particular Buster Keaton stunt

Chapter 5: Suture Edit

  • The color scheme of RGB's outfit here is a nod to the 5th Doctor[3]
  • The shows which Hero flicks through on RGB's screen include many references, including:
    • "And now for something completely different" from Monty Python
    • "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" from the 1939 film Gone with the Wind 

Chapter 6: Negative Edit

Chapter 7: P.O.V. Edit

  • The song that our wearied Hero sings to herself is "I'm going to go back there someday", from The Muppet Movie.
  • Another Yellow Submarine inspired color palette for RGB[1]
  • On page 122, RGB's pose as he hangs from the branch in the first panel is a reference to "the Hanged Man" tarot card.
  • On page 129, RGB's pose as he whirls around the branch in the fourth panel is a reference to Gene Kelly's iconic pose with a streetlamp in "Singin' in the Rain."

Chapter 8: Beat Edit

  • On page 142, RGB says "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into." The catchphrase of Oliver Laurel, of the classic black and white era comedy duo "Laurel and Hardy,"
  • "Hart" is another name for a deer, making the Sun/Tree a "Heart of Harts"
  • The title most obviously seems to refer to a (heart)beat, but could also be a (story/filmmaking) beat (a pause before a turning point), the (wing)beats of Julienne, the beat(down) RGB receives at her hand, a (musical) beat that might reference Melody, the feeling of being pretty wiped out by the events of the day (RGB surely has this), or "beat" as in defeat (the stalemate everyone is in by the end of the chapter)

Chapter 10: Pitch Edit

Chapter 11: Ensemble Edit

  • Page 203 is a slightly new take on a "mic drop"[4]

Chapter 12: Wardrobe Edit

  • On page 213 and 215, the characters Tinker and Tailor refers to the film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. This is also supported by the owl and toy soldier in pages 194 and 196 in Chapter 11: Ensemble

Chapter 13: Hoofers Edit

  • Page 228 (the first in the chapter) has Tinker hanging up what appears to be Roxy Lalonde's scarf on the far right.[5]
  • RGB's dream sequence is chock full of these. Every "death" is in fact a stunt from a classic black and white silent film gone horribly wrong
    • Page 248 has, in order, shout-outs to "Safety Last" (Harold Lloyd, 1923), "Modern Times" (Charlie Chaplain, 1936), "Sherlock Jr" (Buster Keaton, 1924)
    • Page 249 has two more Keaton nods, "One Week" (1920) and "The General" (1926)[6]

Chapter 14: Click Edit

  • On page 268, the tune to which RGB is singing is the Tin Woodman's song from The Wizard of Oz movie, albeit with slightly modified lyrics.

Chapter 15: Target Audience Edit

  • The title is a marketing term, defining what group a brand is meant to be for. It also refers to Click's current state as a loose cannon, the audience here, RGB and Hero, quite literally targeted in his sights.
  • On page 280, Click demonstrates his "Headcannon" abilities.[7]
  • The Market Guardians who first appear on page 284 specifically have the color scheme and placement of the pillars on the "High Priestess" tarot card.[8]

Chapter 16: Ex Position Edit

  • There are at least three puns in this title. One, "exposition" a story term for a type of information delivery, "ex position", as in "Click, formerly, was standing here", and "ex position", as in the type of "ex" you have after a breakup, who is currently standing here and may have some specific stance on the situation. Which may, coincidentally, happen to be behind Click.
  • Another Wizard of Oz reference is made with Click's dying line on page 297: "I'll get you, my pretty... And your little dog, too," originally spoken by the Wicked Witch of the West, who (perhaps not so) coincidentally, was killed similarly with water.

References Edit

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