"You're going to bleed me dry one day..." - RGB

"Don't tempt me." - Madras

Madrasojo (nicknamed Madras) is a merchant and friend of RGB, first introduced on the last page of Chapter 2: Rushes, and first seen fully on the first page of Chapter 3: Soft Focus (pages 38 and 39, respectively)


Madras is a cyclops who is only ever seen in an oversized pink plaid sweater. She owns the House of Paint, where she has been denying customers for an unknown amount of time and for unexplained reasons. So far she has been shown to sell nightmares and dreams, taking RGB's paint as payment.


  • Madras was created not by ModMad, but by a close friend of theirs, tumblr user "uyuycucuy", whom Mod refers to as "Eggs".
  • Her name essentially means "conjunctivitis" in Spanish, the eye disease being the inspiration for the character.
  • She owns a tongue-eared dog named "Buckley", who has never appeared in-comic.
  • ModMad has implied that Madras and RGB are in a relationship, though it isn't expanded upon in the comic. On their blog they have drawn numerous pictures showing the two in a more romantic setting, and the ship is called Eyetenna.

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