Mod and the real-life Assok

Sarah Jolley, aka Modmad, is an indie webcomic artist and writer from Cheshire, and the creator of The Property of Hate and SKIP, among other stories.

Works (original) Edit

Comics Edit

Picture-books/"Square Tales" Edit

Short stories Edit

  • Ethel (2012-ongoing)
  • Thin House (2015, complete)
  • The Walls (2015, complete)
  • Bobby (2015, complete)
  • Ad Verse (???)

Websites Edit

Shops Edit

Trivia Edit

  • On Pottermore, she has been sorted into Slytherin house, with a 10.5" unicorn/maple wand.[4] She took the patronus test twice, getting a leopardess on the first run[5] and a swan on the second. These have been combined[6] into a terrifying griffon amalgam.
  • Upon asking tumblr what Homestuck classpect she would be, the consensus came down to "Mage of Hope". She agrees it suits her. She is a Prospit dreamer, whose strife specibus is "Pencilkind"[7]

References Edit


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