SKIP is a series of AUs connected by protagonists Arthur Steed and Mesi Jalloh, which began with an animated short film made by Sarah Jolley as part of the Classical Animation course at Vancouver Film School. The original idea is centered around the characters skipping from reel to reel across different film genres, but more recent versions have had our stars living solely in one universe.

Variations of SKIP Edit

Classic Edit

The original animated short. We begin with Arthur strolling down the street, when suddenly the film he is living in begins to burn. Panicked, he flees, jumping over two films and in the process, accidentally dragging sci fi explorer Mesi along with him. Mesi takes a moment to examine Arthur, and the room they have both ended up in. While Mesi is otherwise occupied, Arthur finds he is instantly smitten, and plucks a flower from the wallpaper for her.

The filmstrip shifts, and the two are then thrown into a medieval world. They do not, however, have the chance to stay long before Mesi notes that they're being attacked, and throws herself and Arthur off the castle wall moments before being shot by arrows.

They are then thrown into what appears to be a haunted house. As Mesi takes stock of the situation, she opens a trapdoor in the floor out of curiosity, while Arthur plucks up the courage to give her the flower, and then falls through the floor, leaving the flower behind. Mesi realizes what's happened, and immediately kicks open the door and leaps in.

Mesi falls into an old western film, where she's immediately caught and tied to train tracks by villain "Des Afortunado". Arthur, meanwhile, has landed on the oncoming train. He realizes what is about to happen, and manages to grab one of the flickering strings of the old film, stopping time just before he's about to run over Mesi. He immediately jumps down to free her, and then moves the cackling villain onto the track instead.

The film starts again, and the two are swept into each other's arms by the speeding train. They share a kiss in front of the sunset, and Mesi presents Arthur with the flower he had meant to give to her.

Feature Film Edit

The full-length variation of SKIP follows the same premise as the original short, only spanning more films and containing a more filled-out plotline. Sadly, this version exists only in concept, though Mod has shared multiple drawings, other characters, and storyboards to give us an idea of what it might be like.

The Princess and the Jester Edit

A storybook contained on, featuring Mesi as the kind yet strong ruler of the kingdom, and Arthur as the court jester. They are two best friends who have not yet realized that they are in love. The High Council, however, has noticed this, and plot to have Arthur killed. Failing at this on several attempts, they chase him from the kingdom in disguise, telling him he has been framed for Mesi's murder. Meanwhile, they send Mesi after him, saying that a shapeshifting wizard has killed her friend. When Mesi catches up to Arthur, he tries to stand his ground against her, and is only spared when the hunting hounds sent by a regretful councilmember bowl him over in affection. They realize the truth, and confess their love. The councilman with the turn of heart is pardoned, and becomes a gardener, while the rest are implied to have died in a shipwreck. Arthur and Mesi live as partners for a year before becoming married, and Arthur remains a performer even after gaining a royal title.

C.L.I.P. Edit

A mafia AU and in-progress webcomic also contained on the official site.

SKIP Revamped Edit

Victorian vampire murder mystery AU, and eventually-to-become webcomic.

The Property of Hate Edit

Non-canon to either series, but Mod has mentioned loving the idea of Hero having Arthur as her uncle.