The community and fanbase surrounding indie webcomic The Property of Hate, which has been around ever since RGB's initial creation and has been steadily active ever since. It was named officially by ModMad at the end of 2013, after the fanbase decided it was a pretty good name.[1]

While particularly present on tumblr, the comic does have a following among other communities. This page is for listing some of those places, as well as the various projects that the fanbase will sometimes undertake. These, like this wiki, are all unofficial activities. If you see your community or project on here, feel free to add a little more information on it!

Communities Edit

Discord Edit

"The Property of Hate Fan Discord" houses various channels for comic talk (art, theories, RP, general, silliness) as well as several offtopic channels, such as advice for art, writing, and cosplay. It has spawned an innumerable number of memes and a minimum of one AU (a circus AU, which now has its own Discord server).

Deviantart Edit

"tpoh-fanclub" on Deviantart is exactly what it sounds like, and is the main repository for off-tumblr fanart and other works. Founded by Deviantart and Tumblr user tie-dye-flag, the group also has activities such as design contests for its members.

Flight Rising Edit

"The Property of Hate Fanclub", a forum thread for TPoH created by tumblr-user pestiwit, hosted on the online dragon-breeding game Flight Rising, where users can discuss the comic generally or attempt to re-create the comic's characters as dragons.

Writscrib Edit

The Property of Hate, a group on the open-beta website Writscrib, is devoted to fan art, fic, discussion, and notification posts for page updates.

Projects Edit

Music Album Edit

See page Music

Secret Santa Edit

Started in 2016 by tumblr-user rosyabomination, users create fanworks for one another as a holiday gift based on the wishlist prompts submitted by each participant. The project now has a tumblr blog with the url tpohsecretsanta. The 2017 exchange is open to join until the end of November.

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