Welcome! To the leading unofficial wiki by and for the fans of the independent weekly fantasy/adventure webcomic, The Property of Hate, as created by Sarah Jolley. Our wiki, as is the comic around which it revolves, is still a work in progress. If you have information to contribute, by all means, add it in or direct one of our editors towards it. Or, simply use the pages as a resource! It's what they are there for after all.

Check out our navigation above to get started, whether to find pages on the wiki, official and unofficial communities, or links for which to catch up on the archive! It is highly recommended to catch up with the events of the comic before proceeding, as this wiki is and will NOT be spoiler-free. If you see something that needs updated, feel free to add it in! Or leave it in the page comments, someone will definitely get to it!

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Some tips for editors Edit

  • For canonical information, any source directly from modmad (her main blog, tags on the fanart blog, society6 or redbubble stores, and twitter) is a viable source alongside the comic itself.
  • If you rewrite a section, be sure to save the references, particularly those for information not found within the comic. If you don't know where to put a piece of information, the trivia section will do just fine.
  • Try not to delve too far into speculation on canon pages, or at least provide good sources and argument for it while pointing out it is not yet confirmed. We may have pages specifically for such theorizing in the future!
  • Above all, be courteous to others within the community!

References Edit