"Once upon a time, there was a wild and wonderful light." -RGB

The Sun

The Light, whole and as it once was

The Sun in the world of TPoH is a living entity. A powerful light whose heart was broken and lost long ago, it no longer has it's own will, but the will of the voice that tricked it into believing it was unloved.

One fifth of the sun is now restored, either because of, or simply corresponding to, the events in Chapters 7 and 8.

We learn of it's story from RGB, as he tells it to Hero and company in Chapters 9 and 10.

Story Edit

Once upon a time Edit

The sun was once a light too bright to shine on the world without setting it on fire. It loved the world, and didn't want it to be hurt like that, so it made a mask to shield it from itself. It and the world lived in a happy peace with each other.

Later, a voice came to manipulate it into believing that the world did not truly care for it. It broke it's mask and it's heart and threw both away. The world was once again set on fire, but was saved due to the intervention of the seas, forests, and darkness. The Sea Of Limen remained where it was, so as to provide a safe haven in case it might ever happen again.

Heart Trees

The Five Trees Edit

The sun's heart broke into five pieces, to be exact, and fell as trees on the land below, presumed lost forever.

We know for sure what has happened to the fourth of these, as it is the only one which has so far directly been connected to RGB and Hero's journey.

It was hurt when it fell, both physically and emotionally. It was convinced (likely by the same voice as before), to coat itself in _______. It no longer suffered, but instead began to fade and die, unable to feel or dream. It's roots put out branches, leaves, and flowers, far away from the base where they might survive, and Assok found their way into the ground to chew off the _______.

Later, Hero spies the tree after RGB's collapse from his brief outing as his other self, and drags him to the base. While they sleep in the tree, the rest of the _______ melts off of the branches, and they awake several hundred feet in the air. Once on the ground, Hero and Assok bite the tree's last tether to the earth and it flies off to take it's place in the sky.