"All stories come to an end... But this is different. Because- this place was never meant to be a part of one." -RGB
The World of Make Believe[1] (also known as The Realm That Dreams[2]) is the primary setting in The Property of Hate. It is the world into which RGB brings The Hero in order to fulfill the story's narrative, and in which they travel throughout the following chapters.

The Realm is considered a sort of hubworld for the stories, characters, and dreams of the multiverse (hinted at as early as the introduction of The Black Market). It is a place not meant to be seen or remembered by those not currently inside of it, and it is also not meant to serve as the setting for any stories. The story currently taking place there threatens the continued existence of the Realm, and, by extension, all stories (and by extension all worlds) everywhere.[3][4]

Inhabitants Edit

The sentient inhabitants of the Realm are primarily the unfinished characters of unfinished stories, seeking to survive the creative process and enter into their respective worlds. They also might be multiverse travelers, or broad concepts, bound to no one story in particular. The final group of people are those who were stolen back from finished stories, stripped of their former identity and reformed into the Hero of a new story. All but the current Hero have since lost that mantle and become someone else again, but not the human they once were. The local fauna is much more abstract, being representations of concept and emotion, which while not actively malicious, are still wild creatures that pose a possible threat to beings made only of thought. Their populations have begun to run wild, with creatures such as Fears encroaching far past their usual borders.[5] The most significant plant life in the Realm are the trees, whose appearance changes depending on the time of day, and are capable of dreaming. Trees are considered powerful, but benevolent.

Traits Edit

While in the Realm, food seems to be entirely optional,[6] but dream-filled sleep is of high importance[7] for any thinking creature (with the possible and peculiar exception of RGB). These dreams have been known to heal a character's injuries, at least temporarily, while the essence of nightmares has been shown to be harmful to creatures such as Fears.

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