This is a page to help keep track of what needs doing, to help get this wiki fully up to date!

If you come across something we need to write, or a post with information we need to add, first off it's always best to go ahead and take care of it. If you don't think you can, however, or just don't have the time or energy, put it on here! Somebody'll take care of it when they do get the chance! Just remember, for those of you adding items, try to keep it clear and organized. For those of you taking care of list items, make sure you delete or strike the item off the list once you're finished!

Pages that need to be made Edit

Characters Edit

  • Market cameos. These are currently fit on one page, with both Mod's characters and guest characters appearing. More characters added to this page, as well as relevant details to those already listed, would be helpful. We also need Caper, Lilith, Assok's Polaroid camera friend, and the heelies critter from RGB's birthday sketch, as well as any more cameo OCs that've shown up.
  • Arthur Steed (try to finish with TPoH characters before adding SKIP characters)
  • Mesi Jalloh (See above)
  • Magnus has his own section of the Black Market Cameos page, but if he gets a speaking role in the upcoming chapter, he ought to have his own page.
  • Madras's Chair. Where is it going, what it it doing? It's got an outline now, though, it probably deserves a page, though the name might end up changing.

Locations Edit

Things/Concepts Edit

Misc Edit

  • Possible "Music associated with TPoH" page
  • Possible "Foreboding semi-not-spoilers posted by Mod" page
  • Pages for Mod's other stories(?)
  • General and most prevailing theories and discussion page(s)
  • Unofficial fan communities page (may include tumblr blogs, discord, amino?)

Pages that need more information/refining Edit

Characters Edit

  • RGB
    • In-comic "story" section
  • Hero
    • In-comic "story" section
    • Picture of grownup Hero
    • Source for agender grownup Hero
  • TOby
    • Human!TOby
    • Redo references format
  • Mr R
    • Any relevant information that can be found on his creator's blog
    • Link to creator's blog
    • Should we just move him to the cameos page?
  • Assok
    • N/A
  • Click
    • Source for previous design iteration

Misc Edit

  • Anything currently not on the shoutouts and puns page should be added (confirmed references if at all possible)
  • Modmad's page

Other Misc Edit

  • Make sure all pages are using the right format for references and have a filled-out infobox.
  • Anything you find that needs done on this wiki, but hasn't been added to this list yet!

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