aka Ky

  • I live in Australia
  • My occupation is Word weaver
  • I am Ethereal (they/them pronouns)
  • Kyky25

    Right, I've got too much free time on my hands and this fandom is growing. It would be helpful if there was an up-to-date and complete wiki for people to go to, rather than people having to trawl through tumblr and the like. I realise we're still small, but there's a lot in the comic to work from.

    And if no one else pays attention to this then I'm fine with sorting this myself. We'll call this a checklist for now.

    Things to sort:

    • Complete pages for characters
      • Make pages for Julienne, Melody, The Butterfly and any new characters
      • Update all character pages with information (include type of monster, speech style and any info Mod put on her blog)
      • Create pages for Mr R. and Magnus (note they are guest characters and/or not yet featured)
    • Complete pages…
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