Right, I've got too much free time on my hands and this fandom is growing. It would be helpful if there was an up-to-date and complete wiki for people to go to, rather than people having to trawl through tumblr and the like. I realise we're still small, but there's a lot in the comic to work from.

And if no one else pays attention to this then I'm fine with sorting this myself. We'll call this a checklist for now.

Things to sort:

  • Complete pages for characters
    • Make pages for Julienne, Melody, The Butterfly and any new characters
    • Update all character pages with information (include type of monster, speech style and any info Mod put on her blog)
    • Create pages for Mr R. and Magnus (note they are guest characters and/or not yet featured)
  • Complete pages for creatures
    • Make pages for Lies, Doubts, Griefs, Ideas, Snails and any new creatures
    • Update Fear information
  • Create pages for places (Pool of Tears; House of Paint; Graveyard; Plains of Hesitation; Forest/Sea; Market)
  • Create page for trees (include Heart Tree)
  • Create pages for items/other (eg. nightmare vials, dreams, [blank], the scissors, coats, anything else we can think of)
  • Find multiple good pictures of each character for their pages
  • Create page on Sarah Jolley (Modmad) ((always good to have a bit more background on the creator))
  • Include links to Mod's blog, the fanart blog and the official website on the main page
  • In fact, generally re-write and reorganise the whole main page
  • Make everything more organised and user-friendly (what's with the nav bar? how can I change it?)
  • Update theme from grey and blue to something more TPoH related
  • Create section for SKIP (including TPatJ, and pages for Arthur and Mesi)
  • Create section for major fan works?? (Fanfic blog, headcanon blog, major AUs) (make sure big 'non-canon' notice)
  • Make page for the comic itself. Include all major information, including basic plot, main characters, when it started, page count, big events that happened, etc.

I'll keep this list updated, crossing out done stuff and adding in new things when needed.

It's probably going to be slow going (I have a habit of getting distracted) but this is a thing that's happening. I'd appreciate any and all help others can give, so let's try to get things organised, shall we?


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